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Northmoor Nina Barking Queen
Call name:   Nina
Birthdate:   February 21, 2002
CERF:   Normal-PN 197N--12/2003
Patella's:   Certified

Nina joined Northmoor in April 2002. Nina’s father was a gorgeous tricolor parti with a very thick coat. Her mother was a deep red sable with a sweet, loving personality. Nina has been very easy to train and is very smart. Nina has been shown in conformation taking Reserve Winners her first show!! Check out show news to see her win picture. She was training for agility as well and loved it.
In 2005 Nina suffered an unknown nurological problem. We are not sure if this was a head injury or a virus. She saw many specialists including an amazing neurologist. Sadly, no one was able to solve the problem. As time went by Nina's condition worsened and on September 4, 2006, Nina passed over the rainbow bridge. Nina produced a wonderful son who will live out her legacy in the agility ring.

Nina   Nina after winning her 2nd place ribbon in
  her first fun match at 3 ½ months old.
Annoying her sister  
Chloe the Samoyed  
Nina    Nina the night she came
   home, already on the couch.
Nina and Jasmine playing.